We offer complete fabrication services from budgeting for design development to engineering, anchorage design, drafting, fabrication and delivery of finished stone. Here are some of the many services we offer beyond project fabrication:

Custom Work This is where we assist others with project needs at highly competitive square foot and linear foot prices. When a customer sends in their own stone (stock) we manufacture it to their needs by maximizing the yield and providing a rapid turnaround. We regularly saw slabs for slate and quartzite quarries. We dimension (cut to size) boulders and field-stone for landscapers, as well as polish and wire-saw stone for monument makers. Occasionally we even saw concrete. Just bring it in! Walk-ins are welcome!

Custom Block Slabbing Up to 5ft high and 24ft long blocks at a square foot price.

Custom Jointing 3/8 inch to 2 foot thick slabs at any size and number at a linear foot price.

Custom Polishing Any size or shape slabs that need to be polished on one to all sides at a square foot price.

Custom Wire Sawing Anything you can imagine and some things you can’t at a square foot and linear foot price.
Storage/Distribution We have a yard for storing blocks for quarries around the world and distribute all along the east coast and further.
Container Unloading 22 foot long fork extensions for our forklifts and overhead cranes make unloading and storing slabs and monuments shipped via container a breeze.

Warehouse and Office Space for Lease
Contact us to schedule a walk-through! Just off I-89!
Two offices in the heart of Barre.
We also have warehouse readily available in Barre.